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The Diaz case (In re Diaz, 547 B.R. 329, 9th Cir. BAP), has not received enough love but I find it to be too fascinating not to write about because of its potential for so much advantage! There were essentially two holdings in the case: The California homestead exemption contains a “residence” requirement which includes […]

April 2016 Dollar Adjustments

You can find the complete list here.   Notable changes for consumer lawyers: Assisted Person is now someone with nonexempt property worth less than $192,450. Chapter 13 Debtor debt limit: $394,725  secured and $1,184,200  unsecured. These changes apply to cases that are filed on or after April 1, 2016.

9th Circuit Applies California Law to Contract Where Parties Agreed to Apply Georgian Law

The basic facts of the case are an individual entered into an agreement with a bank located in Georgia to borrow money to purchase her home. It is not clear whether the individual even signed the contract or where the contract was signed but it ends up not mattering because the bank sued in California […]

A Surprising Twist on the Parol Evidence Rule!

The following is borrowed from Judge Carroll’s recent August 27, 2015 unpublished opinion on a claims objection which can be found here. In law school, we learned that if a written instrument is valid, complete and unambiguous, extrinsic evidence is not admissible to vary, add to, or contradict the terms of the instrument. This is […]

New Chapter 13 MOMOD Pilot Program

This is from the master himself, Aki Koyama Over the years, I’ve found that MOMODS are more successful and much more easier to process and comment on when I have an opportunity to discuss the terms of the MOMOD before it is filed. This way, your client’s MOMOD will reflect what the Trustee’s data base […]

Comparison of Chapter 13 Plan Forms in the SD, CD and ND

Jon’s post here got me thinking about the attorney in the Southern District, who to me at least, seems to have committed malpractice by filing a bad Chapter 13 Plan. The facts in the In re Schleger case, which you can read here, are dumb-bed down as follows: Chapter 13 Plan is filed where Debtors say […]

Pop Quiz! How Long After Entry Of Order Confirming A Plan Can The Order Be Revoked? Hint: It’s Not What You Thought!

If an order confirming a Plan of Reorganization is procured by fraud, how many days from entry of order does one have to ask the court to revoke the order? The answer depends on which chapter of the Bankruptcy Code we’re talking about! In a Chapter 12 or Chapter 13 case, one would have up […]

Quick Blurb About Section 109(g)

Under 109(g), an individual (or family farmer) may not be a debtor if “(2) the debtor requested and obtained the voluntary dismissal of the case following the filing of a request for relief from the automatic stay provided by section 362 of this title” I tell my clients that if we move to voluntarily dismiss a case […]

6th Circuit Holds That FDCPA Protects Corporations

The FDCPA is a powerful piece of legislature designed to eliminate abusive debt collection practice. The teeth behind the act are an attorney fees clause and provisions that allow for emotional distress and punitive damages to be awarded. One distinction between consumer debt collectors and commercial debt collectors is that those practicing consumer debt collections […]